May 1, 2009

A Bathroom and a Bad Hair Day

I just remembered that I never showed you the half bath. It's still not done, but getting there.

It is sooooo tiny, but you can use the bathroom, wash your hands, and do your make-up in there, so it serves it's purpose. It's come a long way from it's flowery wallpaper and orange paint days, IMO.

In an hour or two, Joe and his dad will be heading over to the house to install the wood floor in the kitchen and dining room. It's actually simulated wood, not real wood, but no one except you and me need to know that :-) Some day, we will have a house full of real wood floors. Until then, we can just pretend. My aunt and uncle have the same kind of floor in their kitchen and I think it looks great, so hopefully ours will, too.

Check out this hair!!

Now that's what you call a bad hair day!

Today will be kind of crazy, as will tomorrow. Tomorrow is Derby Day. My parents are having their annual Derby party, and I'm bringing two desserts and a dip. I'll probably be cooking the rest of the day! Can't wait till tomorrow though. Hopefully the race will be exciting, the party will be fun, and we will win some money! Have a great weekend!


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Love that color paint:)
Sounds like you will be busy...but, having LOTS of fun..
Have a great weekend:)

Holly said...

Flowers and orange, huh? Good thing it's getting a makeover!!

Ms.Emily said...

the bathroom looks great!!! I cannot wait to see the floor either

have a great time @ the party!!! eat some goodies for me!!!


glad to see your blog is okay

EmilytheCreative said...

The bathroom is looking great and I am sure the floors will look good as well. And yeah, I would say she is having a bad hair day. My parents have TONS of picture of me like that when I was little.. my hair was very curly and I wouldn't let them brush it half the time.. so yeah.. my whole childhood was a continuous bad hair day.

Leslie said...

The bathroom looks great hun :) I love it. My gosh it really is coming along and looking great! The floors sound nice too hun. it will do well until you all can get the real wood floors. Aww poor sweety having a bad hair day. I can relate. D has those too, lol. Have a great time at the party :) Sounds fun hun! Take care xo, Leslie

Susie said...

The bathroom looks great. The floor will look good too. I have that same kind of floor.

Charley said...

Don't forget to wear your derby hat!

-stephanie- said...

very nice looking bathroom.

Woah! That is some crazy hair. Hope she handles the brushing well.

Have fun at your party!

JC said...


clauren said...

Looks super great ! I may go to the track up here, dnt know! Hugs Cass

Stephanie said...

Whoa...look at that hair! Don't you just love mornings :)

I think the bathroom is looking great..can't wait to see the floors.

Brandi said...

The bathroom looks nice :) I hope you all have fun at your party!!!!!

Missie said...

The bathroom looks great!

Enjoy your weekend.

Bridgett said...

The bathroom looks great! I love the faucet you chose.

And yes! I'd say that's one bad hair day! LMAO

How did you comb that out? Eeek!

I bet Derby day is so much fun in Louisville. I'd love to go just once.


Bernadette said...

I thought about you when I was watching the Derby :)

I love the half the blue and the fixtures. You brought that room a long way from ugly ;)

FYI, the wood laminate is SO much easier to take care of than real wood. I love the look of the real wood but i HATE trying to keep it looking that way. We're going to have to refinish these floors next year, the dog alone has ripped the floor to shreds!

Emily said...

love the bathroom! darling! looks soo soo good!

Monica said...

I love the paint color. What is the name of the color? And what brand?

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