May 24, 2009

Activity Overload

What a week!

I'll start with Thursday. As soon as Joe got off work, he and his dad loaded up their trucks and they and Joe's friend Kenny moved most of our stuff to the house. We stayed up till 5am, putting things away and getting everything organized.

living room/dining room

Summer and Camryn were really excited to sleep in their new room for the first time, although we hadn't put the bedroom doors back up after painting yet so I had a little trouble keeping them in their room.

Camryn finally passed out in the hallway.

Friday was mostly spent putting more things away and moving more stuff over here. We worked till 6, and then went to Joe's sister Jessica's HS graduation. It was a really nice ceremony, and we got to see Joe's sister Nicole and Xavier, who we hadn't seen for awhile. He has gotten so big!!

(You will notice in all the pictures from here on, Camryn has a cut on her nose. This is from Summer hitting her in the face with the bottom of an aerosol can. )

Nicole and Camryn

Joe's dad and Jessica

All three grandkids!
On Saturday, we got more stuff moved, and the girls played outside with the hose. It wasn't a planned activity, so I ended up stripping them down so they didn't have a 10 lb diaper/pull-up on. They loved it!

Today, we traveled a couple hours away to my Nanaw and Papaw's (dad's parents) house at the lake for a Memorial Day family get-together. It was nice to get away and relax after all the running around and moving we have been doing. Seeing family + good food = good day.

My cousin Olivia and Camryn.

If you can't find my kids, check the snack table.

After a long day, Camryn fell asleep as soon as she layed down tonight.

When I went in to take that picture, Summer asked me to take one of her. Looks like she already had a case of bed hair!

A little while ago, Joe and Kenny finally brought our sectional over here. I just went in and looked at it in the living room. It takes up the entire room, so it looks like we'll be getting a new couch for sure.

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Alicia said...

I loved all the pics! They are soo cute! Hope you are all moved in and that you have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Missie said...

So how does it feel to finally be in the new house?

The girls are so cute as always.

Have a good Memorial Day!

JC said...

House looks awesome! You all look like a very happy family. You are soooo blessed!!!

Bridgett said...

Busy weekend! Ours sure hasn't been...we've all been sick. Blah.

The house looks wonderful! You guys did an amazing job.

As for the link to your contest, it just doesn't work for me. Never did. I click on it and it goes to a blank page. :(

Enjoy your Memorial Day!!!


Audrey said...

So would you recommend a sectional? Josh and I are actually looking to buy one....Also, what lake do you all go to?

clauren said...

You've been busy sweetie! I like the kitchen table, all wood, something I need for the girls until older. Love the pics!

Brandi said...

Wow you have been busy. Good to hear you are moved into the new house. Great pictures!!! Spending time with family is always nice :)

Leslie said...

Hey sweety :) The pics all are so great :) The girls are just too cute!! I love they pics with them sleeping aww. The house looks great too. Oh i bet your soo happy to be moved in. What a busy couple of days though my gosh. I feel for yo all. You must be exhausted. So glad too you got to go see Joes family at his sisters hs graduation. It sounds like a fun
weekend, even though it was busy. Oh and sorry too you will have to get a new couch. That sucks the sectional takes all the room. Bummer. I cant wait to find out who wins the contest tomm. Did you see my blog yet? I did post about the contest and linked the shirt blog on there too. Hope i did right. Anyway have a good rest of day hun. Enjoy the new home xo

Kristine said...

Some of those pics are hysterical! I love when you catch them sleeping in odd places.

Tiffany said...

Looks like a very busy weekend! Glad y'all have finished moving...well I'm sure there's other things that need to be done, but you know what I mean. :)

Stephanie said...

So exciting! Love those pics...and the pink dots :)

Julie said...

Great pics! Love the censor on the girls getting hosed! LOL!

Yay for getting moved in!

Angela said...

LOL I love the dots on the naked pic!

Angela said...

LOL I love the dots on the naked pic!

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