April 14, 2009

Remodel progress... and some blood?

We took Easter plus yesterday off from working on the house. This evening, Joe went straight there from work and I dropped Summer and Camryn off at my parents' house and headed over, too.

I put a lot of the light switch covers and outlet covers on. I love the one I found for the girls' room, it matches perfectly.

The house is in a shambles right now.. but you can see the fireplace with the new paint. I think it matches nicely. That brick is an odd combination but the neutral tan looks great against it.

Here's the kitchen. We almost have it ready to have the flooring put in.

From the back corner of the dining area.

Front entryway.

Here's some basement pictures, I don't think I've shared any yet. This is the laundry room:

Dividing wall that makes a separate room.

This is the smaller storage area off of the laundry room.

The main thing we worked on today was the half-bath. We got a new vanity/counter-top, faucet, and light fixture. We didn't get as far as we would have liked, but we made progress. Here's the medicine cabinet. It came with the house. They did have it just hanging up there but Joe cut out the drywall behind it and now it's in the wall. I think it looks great!

Something I wanted to do today but we didn't get to... switching the porch light. The one that's out there is gold and outdated, and reminds me of apartment living. I found this one at the store and I can't wait to see how it changes the look of the house.

Here is our dungeon.

It is a large unfinished part of the basement. This past weekend, we noticed mysterious red liquid splattered on the walls. If that isn't high velocity blood spatter, what is it?! Yes I know, it's not likely that someone shot someone else in the basement and then just left it there, but it has us puzzled. (And me a little freaked out.)

I wanted to write more in this post instead of just talking about the pictures, but I am wayyyy too tired. Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

OK, I am in LOVE with the GIrls room, love the molding love the colors. The medicine cabinet looks great! You guys are doing an awesoeme job!

lmt1073 said...

things are looking great!!! i love the girls room and there is something very intriguing about the fireplace.... keep us updated!!!

BirdsMama said...

It's all coming together!! you guys are doing a great job!! I'm a CSI junkie.....I agree blood splatter!! LOL!! Have a good one!!

amanda said...

oh i just love the pictures. did you swab the blood spatter? i so would've as i too am a csi junkie. :0)

Susie said...

Everything looks great. Love all the colors.

clauren said...

Wow Its going to look so great! The living tan paint is around the same as mine :) Hugs,Cass

Missie said...

I can't wait to see every thing finished!!

Bridgett said...

You guys are really making some major progress. And I agree, the paint and molding in the girls room looks fantastic!

It's all going to come together so nicely. You must be getting so impatient.

I cracked up when I saw that picture of your hubby in the 'dungeon.' His face is priceless. :)

As for that splatter...it's too 'neat' for blood splatter. But I have no guesses as to what it might be. Also, it's brownish colored...if it was really dried blood, it would look more eggplant/blackish by now. LMAO

I've seen A LOT of dried blood in the hospital. I'm not a serial murderer, I promise! ;)


-stephanie- said...

The rooms are looking great. Lovin' the girls room.

Hope you got your much needed rest.

EmilytheCreative said...

It's looking great! Y'all have done a really good job!

Kristine said...

I love the girls' room colors. Nice choices!

Bernadette said...

You guys have done such a great job remodeling that house!
I love the open living area, I didn't notice that before.

that stuff on the walls is sketchy. where do you get that luminol stuff they use on tv I wonder? it's probably nothing....i hope!

Jessie said...

Wow, your paint looks so good! I love the girls' room with the chair rail. Things are coming along very nicely. When are you planning on moving in?

Ms.Emily said...

wow the house really looks great!!!

how nice your mom will watch the girls so you can help!!!



Karen said...

Everything is looking so nice! I can't wait to see it all finished!

Tiffany said...

Hope it's really not blood! LOL

Leslie said...

Wow you all are getting so much more done. Its great. I love how its all looking so far. Ty for sharing. My gosh though its alot of work. But dang once you all finally move in, it will be of course worth all that hard work, lol. Im so happy for you all. Have a good night xo, Leslie

Lindsay said...

You all are so talented. Your house looks amazing! P.S. The CSI lover in me absolutely adored you saying high velocity blood spatter.

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