March 2, 2009

This week, I may lose my mind.

Summer wearing my Dad's hat. She wore it for hours when we were at their house.

Let's see... We are supposed to close on our house this Thursday. The underwriting is not complete and I don't know if our mortgage broker has confirmed with the seller to make sure they are ready. I won't believe it till we're sitting down signing our names. It is SO frustrating not knowing for sure if in 4 months you will be cooking dinner in a brand new beautiful kitchen, or cramped up in a tiny apartment kitchen. Not knowing whether your girls are finally going to get their pink bedroom, or if we are going to yet again move into a place with white walls that we can't waste money painting. Trust me, I know that things will work out either way and I'm lucky to even have a roof over my head. That doesn't make it any less stressful, though.

My wisdom teeth are coming in. Finally. Not that it's a good thing. I hate dental procedures, so I'm hoping they tell me I can keep them in there, if I can ever make myself go to the dentist. I don't think I've been in over a year. Now that Joe has dental insurance through his work I don't have any excuses. We need to take the girls to see a dentist, too. They haven't been yet.

Summer, Camryn, and Harley somehow got their hands (and paws) on our brand-new box of Samoas. They demolished them. I only got two. Joe was not happy.

Nova has been drinking water, but still not eating as far as we can tell. We have kept her in the crate so that we can watch her. She mainly sleeps. I have some prescription canned cat food that the emergency vet tricked us into buying a year or two ago when Jack was sick, I'm going to see if she will eat that.

Summer, Camryn, and I still have colds. It is horrible. I am done with this whole never-ending stream of snot thing. They act like they feel fine, but I feel so worn down. Joe is not sick. He hardly ever gets sick.

I am sooooo done with Winter. I need sun and warmth and flowers. Please hurry, Spring.

My house is a mess. This happens to me every time we move. When it gets closer to the time we are moving, I cannot seem to clean and straighten like I normally do. It's subconscious. I like things to be really clean and neat, and with two kids, a dog, and two cats, you have to be on top of things... I am slacking, and looking around and seeing the mess is driving me crazy. But I can't seem to make any progress when I do attempt to do anything.

I finally got my platters and tulle for diaper cake packaging. You like?

Don't forget about Summer Grace Baby Cakes the next time you need a baby gift!!

The kids are sleeping, so I should probably take this opportunity to take a shower. And maybe vacuum. Or nap. Have a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

First of all, I'll bet she looks better than him in the hat(because she looks adorable ;-). Secondly, you LEFT SAMOAS OUT? This is folly. Of course they were eaten. Who could possibly resist. Just be thankful you got any. Lesson learned. They must be hidden carefully. ~Mary

ps got your link from Laura's award entry.

Tricia said...

Goodness, you are always busy. I hope the closing does happen, I know you are dying to have that behind you.

Your diaper cake is adorable. My friend makes, and sells them too. I asked her how she ships, and she says she used those vacuum bag things, that way when you suck all the air out, nothing moves around in the shipping process(in case you were still looking for shipping ideas)hugs

Brittany said...

Everyone that I've known of thats bought a house usually end up pulling out all of their hair by the time the deal is done. It looks so easy but it's really not. There is so much that goes into purchasing a house it's unreal. A lot of stress and things that can go wrong.

If only it was the 1800's where people paid for land and houses in rocks and shit LMAO!

Hang in there! It will all work out!
As for your wisdom teeth...Ughhh I HATED having mine removed...there is a lot of pain and crap for even a common procedure as that, but some dr's give you some great meds!

Meg said...

Your diaper cake is beautiful! I'm hoping I can make one of these things for my SIL. Her shower is in July. If I can't I'm coming to you! Hah

Hope you get over your cold soon! We had something awful of a cold here last week and just not getting over it.

EmilytheCreative said...

I am ready for spring.. or summer really. The diapercake looks great!! I hope you all feel better from the colds soon.

Susie said...

Don't worry about getting the house. I'm sure everything will turn out ok. I like the packaging for the diaper cakes. Hope all gets feeling well soon.

Tiff said...

Hope your week turns out well. The pic is adorable, I love it. Forget vacuuming, and take a nap! :)

Leslie said...

Hey hun, *hugs* I figured you need that your so busy and stressed to the max u poor thing. I am praying it gets better and quick. I really ma praying too things with the house work out. I cna imagine tis beyond frustrating at ths pt. Im sorry ur going thru that. Hang int here best u can hun, keep faith. Hope you all get to the dentist soon too. We finally have dental coverage for D we are so getting her in asap. She hasnt been in a while. We used to take her to the free clinic for dental checkups but there so horrible long story, lol. Oh no that the girls and Harley ate all Samoas just about, lol. Im sorry u all are getting sick too. Its unreal the cold that keeps on giving. I think its the darn weather that jeep every1 from having these colds. Im with u i pray spring will finally be here and soon. Im glad Nova is doing pretty good for now. Keeping her in my thoughts. Oh and i love the diaper cake tis beautiful. I will
for sure keep ur site in mind for any any1 who needs diaper cakes. You do such a beautiful job ;) I hope u got much needed rest hun. Have a good night. ttys xo, Leslie

Tiffany said...

I feel your exhaustion! I've been sick too, and Keely though sick too has had much more energy than me. Today Bryn had a slight fever. :( She's been the least sick at least though...just a bit of congestion as far as I can tell. I would be mad about the Samoa cookies too, those are some of my favs! ;) I really hope Nova starts eating soon...have you thought about calling the vet? Explain how much of a pain it'd be to have to bring her back in w/ your two kiddos too, and see if there's anything else you can do for her?? :( Hope you have room for your wisdom teeth too, btw.

Bridgett said...

Keep us updated on the house. I do hope it works out...I want the girls to have their pink bedrooms.

Sorry you're all still feeling blah. Spring will be here before you know it! I hope. I confess, although I like winter, I'm ready for spring too.

I hope the kitty cat starts feeling better too. Poor kitty.

And btw...the packaging looks GREAT!


Brandi said...

Good Luck with the closing, I hope it all goes smooth. Hopefully you and your girls get better soon. I couldn't agree more I want spring to hurry up and get here :)

-stephanie- said...

Oooo love the diaper cake. Wish I had someone to give it to.

Erin said...

Having little ones during winter is SO hard! I'm so ready for spring too! It was warmer today where I'm at so I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Don't worry about your house IT will happen =)

The diaper cake is super cute! You are very talented!

carolinagirl said...

Stephanie...I don't know whether to laugh or to cry with you!!! Hang in there...I think it's called wintertime blues. I've got them. Why does everything seem so much better when it warms up outside?


Heya! My first time on your blog. I love your blog. Its fabulous. Stay sassy & fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing. I will be back. Ciao.
~ Secret Diary

Brittany said...

Your Mug has been shipped :)

Missie said...

Once your sitting in your new house, while the girls are outside playing, all the stress will be worth it!!!

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