March 6, 2009


I did not realize that my cold is gone until 6pm. That's the kind of day I've had.

There is a 99% chance that we are closing on our house next Thursday or Friday!!! We had to agree to pay the $300 judgment at closing. Yes, I think that is absolutely ridiculous, but it is the only way to get our house. We will take care of the credit mix-up later, and hopefully we'll get reimbursed at some point. After we agreed to that, our mortgage broker let the underwriters know, and they were able to complete our underwriting this afternoon. The only conditions that we have to meet at this point, are to give them copies of our drivers licenses and phone bills, which is apparently for identity theft protection, and a bank statement. We'll be e-mailing over that stuff this weekend, he will send it to the underwriters on Monday, and at that point the seller wants the underwriting approval to pend for 48 hours. After that, on Thursday or Friday, we will close! I cannot wait. Looks like next weekend will be spent tearing out carpet and painting after all.

I just got a call from the vet. Nova is still doing good. She has fluid inside her body from the infection. It is what's causing her heavy breathing and probably her vocal cord issues. The vet said she is going to try to draw it out through a needle. They'll re-evaluate her tomorrow and hopefully she will be ready to come home!

I feel like I can finally breathe. And I can get re-excited about moving! I haven't looked at the bookmarked links of house stuff on here in 2 weeks because I was so afraid we weren't going to get the house, but now I'm excited to go back and look at everything and start planning.

After dinner Joe left to go to the wake of a family friend. We didn't find out his funeral was today until it was over, or else I would have gone with him. I had never met him, but he was like an uncle to Joe growing up. He was the owner of a well-known body piercing and tattoo parlor around here, and the wake is being held in the shop. He was in his 40's I believe, with a wife and kids. So sad.

The weather today was wonderful. I opened the windows and turned off the heat. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, and sunny. I'm hoping we can take a trip to the zoo, or at least the park.

Summer is whining at me to let her brush my hair, so I should go. Maybe I can talk her into giving me a back massage, too! Have a great weekend!!!


Bridgett said...

Hooray for new houses! Woo Hoo! Hopefully you'll get reimbursed for the $300. That's just not fair. But I wouldn't let $300 stand in the way of my dream home either.

It was almost 70 degrees here today! I couldn't believe it. On Monday, the wind chill was zero with a temp of 8. Five days later I have the heat off and the doors and windows open. Crazy weather.

We're hoping to get to the park tomorrow too...or do something at least.


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I must have missed reading your blog for a few days..and boy, did I have alot of reading to do..
Congrats on the MUST be so exciting.
Hope Nova is back to her old self soon.
Your girls look so cute in their dresses. I just love little girls in dresses:)

Brittany said...

Oh gosh, I am SOOO THRILLED Nova is doing so well. I'm an animal lover myself and while I don't have a cat and prefer dogs, I think Cats are JUST AS IMPORTANT as a Dog in a family! Poor Nova's Story broke my heart!

Let me know when your Mug gets to you.

Leslie said...

Aww thats awesome news girl. I knew it would happen for u all. Knew it just have to have faith girl. But i can imagine it must have been tough too at some pts and harder to be patient. Im so happy for u all. I mean that does suck u all have to pay the money for the debt. I hope though that can be straightened out after and u all can get refunded back at some pt from all that. Wow though what a ordeal to go thru all that go get a home, lol. Its worth t though truly. I admire u lots girl, lol. Seeing what u went thru and others i know, im pretty sure im not ready to buy a home yet, haa, lol. jk sort of, lol. So glad Nova is going to be ok. I bet thats such a relief to u all. poor kitty. Its amazing she made it thru it all she is strong for sure and a fighter. Thats so great now that u all know u will be moving for sure u will be able to get excited about house stuff agian lots of luck hun. I know u all will make it a beautiful home. The weather sounds like it warming up thats great too. Hope u all get to enjoy the weekend with the beautiful weather. Take care girl. Hope u all are getting better. Have a good weekend *hugs* Leslie

Tiffany said...

Glad Nova seems to be doing well. I hope you do get to finally close on the house! Good luck w/ it all. :)

Terri said...

How happy for you!


lmt1073 said...

Oh, I so hope you close on the house! That would be awesome! And I'm praying for Nova!

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