March 5, 2009

Our Thursday

We had a typical evening at home today...

Hanging out on the dog.

Building ginormous block towers.


A refreshing shower.

Splashing in the water.

A book before bed.

It has been a long and stressful day, but we're trying not to worry too much about everything. The vet called me again this afternoon to let me know that Nova was still doing alright. She was getting up and walking around, and wanting to be petted. Her only concern right now is that she isn't able to meow. Nova is a very vocal cat so there is something wrong with her vocal cords. Needless to say, she's still at the vet. Hopefully we can bring her home in the next few days.


You wanna know why we still can't close on it? Because there is a "judgement" on Joe's credit report, two actually, that don't even have anything to do with him. They are his dad's from years ago. Joe is a junior, and of course he and his dad lived at the same address until he was 18. Apparently someone didn't check to make sure they had the right Joe when they were reporting everything. One of the matters was settled, so that one is not an issue. The second however, is not settled. The paperwork at the courthouse that we got, trying to prove that it has nothing to do with us, doesn't have a single piece of information that we can use. No birthday, no social security number, no lawyer info. So they have to proceed assuming that this matter is Joe's. Our mortgage broker is trying to figure out how to get it taken care of. Supposedly we will have it all straightened out in the morning. I won't believe that until I see it.

So... good news... Summer and Camryn's noses have only been running every 10 minutes or so instead of non-stop like before. Hopefully that means the sick bugs are on their way outta here. I, on the other hand, still feel like crap. Must be all this stress.

I'd better try to go to sleep now, so that I have energy to deal with more stressful stuff tomorrow. Goodnight!


Tiffany said...

Cute pics! Hope you get the "judgement" resolved. My dad was a Jr. and my brother is the III, and they constantly had issues with having the same names. One stupid thing on Brandon's credit, that was a problem with his parents insurance and somehow it got put under his name b/c he was 18 but still on their insurance, it held us back from obtaining a V.A. loan, instead we just had a regular F.H.A. Loan but it worked out. A V.A. Loan would have been much better though for us. Anyway I hope you feel better and hope the house stuff gets worked out for the best.

Candace said...

Those pictures are adorable! Absolutely precious! Gracie loves sitting on our dog Honey. That stinks about the judgement, but don't worry, your mortgage broker should know exactly how to take care of this. I used to work at a Credit Couseling agency and trust me... they have ways around stuff like that. We will be praying for you all that this gets resolved soon! Much love! :)

~Ann~ said...

WoW, that sucks about the credit thing. I hope you all get that fixed soon and it is resolved so you can close on that house. It is so stressful isnt it. Cute picture of the girls.

JC said...

wow! that's an amazing block tower!!! Go Joe!!

Glad the girls' noses have slowed down a bit for you. LOL

I hope your cat gets to come home soon. I'm sure he misses home. Summer is already ready to leave the hospital. :)

Meg said...

That is one amazing block tower!

I hope your kitty cat comes home soon&I hope your credit issues get resolved soon so you can close on the house!

Kati said...

VVery cute photos~ The gigantic tower.. Serenity would be very very jealous!!!

You guys have a 360? Do you play online? We should totally play together!

Kristine said...

Whao...I can never get my towers that tall, lol.

Alicia said...

Those pictures are so cute! I hope everything goes well with the house and I hope you get to feeling better!

Bridgett said...

You take THE BEST pictures of your girls. You have a knack for capturing kids in all their innocence.

I'd be pretty pissed about the house...that sucks. It's also why I swore I'd never give my kids our names. I've heard of stuff like this happening a lot with juniors and seniors, etc. Hopefully they can get it straightened out.


EmilytheCreative said...

Love all the pictures. Sounds like a great night at home.

I hope the house ordeal gets settled soon. I know it's frustrating especially since it's not your fault. Hopefully your broker will be able to figure it out.

Karen said...

Love the pics!

I hope you get it all figured out with the house. what a pain, especially when it's not your fault!

Monica said...

Your daughters are adorable. I hope everything works out for your house and you are in it SOON!

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