February 4, 2009

Follow me, y'all.

I really hope you all like hearing about home improvement stuff, because for the next few months, I'm going to be talking about it a lot!

We have some stuff that has to be done before we move in, such as the carpeting, painting, and kitchen appliances. We needed to price everything, so we headed to Lowe's this evening. We found everything we needed, and got some paint samples. I am SO SICK of white walls!!!

Here's a sneak peek at our kitchen:

That's the cabinet hardware we chose.

Considering we haven't closed on the house, I'm going to stop talking about it now so I don't jinx it.

So, Brittany's post about Twitter convinced me to pull my dusty Twitter profile out of the attic and try it on again. I am now addicted. You should alllll be Twittering and Tweeting with me. Really. If you were following me on Twitter, you would know that I pretended to ice skate around my house last night. Or that I swing 2-year-old's around with scarves. If you want to follow me or join Twitter and try it out, there's a box on my sidebar that you can click on.

Quite a few of you have commented on wishing you could own a home. It just might be more of a possibility than you think. I really didn't think we were ready either. But... we got a normal home loan through a bank, a fixed interest rate of 5.5% on a 30-year loan.... and we got it on one income. Everyone knows their specific situation and ability so I'm not saying everyone can own a house. But you would really be surprised. I encourage everyone who wants to own a home but isn't sure if they can to go talk to the mortgage specialist at your bank. Please send me an e-mail or leave me a comment if you have a question about anything. I'm learning quite a bit throughout this process.

I'm going to try to fall asleep early for once. Have a great night!


Audrey said...

My husband is a loan officer and he said that he can do a 30 year fixed mortgage for 5% depending on qualification. Email or comment if you are interested! (He works at Forcht Bank in Campbellsville!)

Mr. and Mrs. Wintz said...

hey i am glad you guys go a house!! ronald and i are hoping to get one our self. we have a home lined up for us. its my moms best friends moms home. and ronald said something about a loan that it can be paid off before 30 years but i dont know he the smart one. but good luck i would love to see how it turns out. OH if you need help painting during the day while joe works . i can help if you need some

Brittany said...

We have to wait until our lease is up though...We just moved into our new Apt in October...so we have to wait until October '09 to think about what we are going to do...and thats a LONG ways away. Most likely we will look into a house...but for right now we are stuck where we are.

But this is a good thing....I can live vicariously through you hehehee...and please show us all the interior decorating you guys do, it will prepare all us future homeowners for it all :)

I TOLD YOU Twitter is addicting hehehe! I get all your updates via my cell..
I'm not sure who gets mine via their cell but i hope everyone...thats half the fun :)

Congratulations on becoming a fellow TWITTER WHORE hehehehe!

EmilytheCreative said...

You are right, it is possible. We built our own home 3 years ago and all on one income.

Bridgett said...

We only pay $600/month for our townhouse. Not sure we could do much more than that. And I'm assuming houses are much more of a monthly payment. We'd also need at least a 3 bedroom/2 bath.

What worries me about owning vs. renting is you're responsible for all repairs and fixes. That's scary. Not to mention property taxes and such. Until Doug gets a better job, we probably won't be able to...

It sucks, but I want to make sure we're prepared and responsible when we buy a home.

I LOVE decorating, so I'm thrilled to follow you on your journey. :)


carolinagirl said...

HATE white walls too and can't wait to see your befores and afters...I may have to check Twitter out. I am kinda addicted to Facebook though!

Karen said...

So exciting! I love home improvement projects! We've been in our home for 8 years and have done so many things to it. It's so much fun!

Brittany said...

To Bridgett's comment:
$600.00 a month???? HOLY CRAP!!!
We pay $1,300.00 a month for an apartment!

Goes to show different states...different rates!

Massachusetts is EXPENSIVE!!!!

Leslie said...

Aww girlie agian im so happy for you all. I love your kitchen choice its pretty. This is going to be such a busy lol and exciting time for you all. My mom just bought a home herself about a yr ago. It was a major fixer upper lmao. We helped her a lot with it, lol. So family & friends are great to chip in, lol. Plus its fun too. I remember we helped my mom paint all inside the home, put in new floors, did other minor repairs, lots of work but worth it. The best thing is too hun you all can start doing as much as you can & keep doing more as time goes on. Ty for being so sweet too on helping other to figure out how to get a home. I know for sure we cant. We can only afford what we pay now for rent where we live. Honestly im not ready for all
the responsibility and work a house has, lol. Plus our credit not good at all. We are working on it but its taking time. Take care hun. Have a good night ttys, xo, Leslie
Oh and i really need to get this Twitter lol. I will have to sign up soon.

Brandi said...

Home Improvements are stressful but fun at the same time :) You are right it is possible. We bought our house 7 years ago and it happened with just my husband's income :)

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