January 18, 2009


And another..

I think I may have enough diapers to do one more.

If anyone knows how to ship diaper cakes without having everything on them fall off and get broken, I welcome your advice.

Today is a lazy Sunday, just the way I like them. Summer and Camryn are napping now, Joe is watching TV, and I'm working on the website.

It snowed for a little while this morning. We all got really excited, but it didn't stick so now it just looks like it rained. I'm mad, I really want Summer and Camryn to help us make a snowman!!!


Audrey said...

It looks great! Yeah, I wish the snow would stick too! Nice job on your blog so far!

Bridgett said...

I hear ya about the snow. What's coming down right now is a mixture of snow and rain. ::sigh::

I honestly have no idea how you's ship those cakes short of lots of bubble wrap. LOL

They're very cute...


Sara said...

Stepanie, if you really want snow, I will more than gladly send you some of mine!!! lol I hate winter. Its only good for sledding, skiing, ice skating and I havent done any of that since the year before I had Chloe!!! =[

Tiffany said...

Ok so my other comment that I lost was more about how to ship the cakes. The one I received from my work(pic on my MySpace page if you haven't seen it.) was just in a large box...no special wrapping to keep it together or anything. It was wrapped in a lacy thing with a bow tied on top though...like tied into a bag sorta. Anyways...the cake itself had a roll in the center like thicker than a paper towel roll, but about that size only longer. And the roll was glued onto a round piece of cardboard which was on the bottom of the cake. The diapers weren't glued to the stand though, but it helped support it I guess. Do you used that in your cakes?? As far as the little things on it, they were tied on with ribbons or just stuffed under the ribbon that went around the diapers. Some of the little bottles of lotion and powder were tipped over when we got it though. Travel size bottles of shampoo, lotion, powder are great to add to your cakes! Oh and how in the heck do you keep the diapers from unrolling before you get the ribbon on the cake? I really want to make one of these diaper cakes, just now sure how good it'd come out. My SIL is expecting in June! :) Guess I could try!

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