January 5, 2009

Monday Musings

The kitchen arrived a little while ago. The box weighs over 80 lbs. I barely got it in the house and it scraped my leg up in the process. I cut the box open, took out the instructions, glanced over them, and put them back in the box. I think I'll wait for Joe to get home for this.
I'm really hoping he'll make an exception to his "I don't need those de-masculating instructions!" rule, otherwise we'll probably be working on it for days and end up with an upside-down refrigerator!

Summer and Camryn are playing with Play-Dough. This is their first-ever Play-Dough experience. They're having a lot of fun. I was trying to only give them one color at a time but that didn't last long. Now, there is only one color instead of six.

So ya know that cute picture of the Mommy and Summer manicures? What I didn't tell you was that 10 minutes after I took the picture and posted that entry, Summer walked in and said, "Mommy, I messed up my nayas." Sure enough, every bit of polish was gone. It's great that she was able to tell me that in a full sentence, but it would have been nice if it had lasted longer.

Yesterday evening we went over to my parents' house for the University of Kentucky vs. the University of Louisville basketball game. That is a huuuuge deal around here. Our state is basically divided between UK fans and U of L fans.

My family are huge UK fans, that's where the majority of my family, including my parents, went to college. We played somewhat poorly, but managed to tie the game in the last 30 seconds. Then, because we were afraid to get too close and foul, U of L made a 30-something foot 3-pointer, winning the game. UGH. Now, not only did we lose, but we have to hear about losing from all of the U of L fans for the rest of the season.

The girls are driving me insane with their whining about wanting more Play-Dough or certain toys across the table and dropping stuff all over the floor and arguing about who's is what so I think it's time to clean up the Play-Dough. Hopefully later in the day I'll be able to post some pictures of the girls cooking us dinner in their new kitchen.


lmt1073 said...

I'm still putting things together and it's been nearly two weeks since Christmas. Good luck with the kitchen!

Leslie said...

Hey sweety :) Im so glad you all finally got the kitchen in. Wow that does look heavy your poor thing. Im sorry ur leg got scraped trying to get that in, lol. I hope Joe can help with putting that together im sure he can. It sounds pretty complicated, lol. What kind of kitchen is it? I am thinking of getting D another one. I sold her Dora kitchen awhile back. She was getting too big for it. I know it made her a bit sad :( I cant wait to see pics of the kitchen. Aww I loved the pics of the girls playing with playdoh too cute. it looks like their having a blast. Oh and sorry about your team losing. Bummer hun. At least you got together to hang with your family. Well take care girl. Have a good rest of day :) Leslie

Bridgett said...

I'd pick UK anyday over U of L! LOL

The play-doh picture is pretty darn cute. Parker can't play with it anymore...it has gluten in it. :(

Anyway, I do hope we get to see them playing with their new kitchen later!


Brittany said...

LMAO that is SOOO what i'd do too...take one look and be like Oh hell no...this has MALE written all over it LMAO!

Please take pics when it's done.

Jmoqueen said...

Play do looks like fun :o) Bless Summer telling you about her nails. Hope the kitchen gets fitted okay xx

Terri said...

Jeff puts all our stuff together...I'm not good at it at all...I will hand him anything he needs but thats about all I am good for when it comes to reading instructions and putting things together..lol

Can't wait to see a pic of it...

I'm not a huge fan of any sport..but when UK plays U of L...I do root for UK...I hated to hear they lost!


Audrey said...

Yeah, the loss was a bummer! Thanks for the follow!

carolinagirl said...

My boys used to LOVE play dough...ugh it's so messy to clean up though! Good luck with the desk. I always get my husband to put those things together! Also...UNC had a bad loss last night...our first! UGH!!!! I couldn't even watch.

Ms.Emily said...

ive had this same problem with miss os nails

ive found if you get a polish with no glitter/etc... and do 2 very light coats letting them dry fully in between coats the polish will last a lot longer

hers is just fully coming off from christmas.


looks bad by now but it was nice for a few days :)

hope you guys get the kitched set up!

Tiffany said...

That box for the kitchen was heavy wasn't it? I picked mine up at toys r us by myself, put it in my cart by myself and took it out and put it in my backseat of my car by myself. It wouldn't fit in my trunk. And I also put it together all by myself which took a few hours, but it wasn't horrible. :) I'm glad you got them the kitchen, they'll have tons of fun w/ it!

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