January 13, 2009

The Mom Cape Returns.

Well, last night I had to break out the ol' Mom Cape. Ya know, the one from the Chunky Puke post. Joe got to make use of his Dad Cape as well. Summer had been acting grouchy all evening, and once we put her and Camryn to bed around 8, she kept crying and getting up. Joe went to check on her when she started crying once again, and yelled for me. I went in and there was a huge pile of pizza and vegetables on her bed. Yes, I know you love the visual. You're welcome.

She had about 5 throw ups until around 2am, and then slept soundly until 8 this morning. It's a good thing because we were down to our last sheets and blankets. She's been fine so far today. Camryn was sick on Sunday but only threw up a little. I have totally had it with this sickness thing. I've been really good about spraying Lysol on everything and washing our hands, especially after my bout with that horrible stomach bug, but those germs are determined to make my life miserable. GERMS: I WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT.

Today it is freezing cold outside so we are stuck in here once again. I got out their Dora coloring book and they made some pretty pictures.

Now they are playing with blocks in the living room.

Do you like Summer's "Sweet Tooth" shirt? That purchase was inspired by this video!

Camryn is walking around with her blankey and ra-ra (pacifier), which is a sign of naptime. I'd better go get her in bed. Have a great Tuesday!


EmilytheCreative said...

Aww, I sooo know what you are going through. (((Hugs)) I hope she is feeling better now.

Bridgett said...

Poor babies. I know how awful it is when the stomach bug goes through the home.

Hang in there. It does look like they're feeling a little better today though. :)


Leslie said...

Oh hun, *hugs* Im so sorry. The pukes not fun at all. I remember dealing with that with D. She didnt have it too bad thank god. But i have been there. Poor Summer and Camryn. I really hope their feeling better now. Its the worse thing when your kids are sick and you just do all you can to help them. Its so hard to see them miserable. You doing awesome though mommy so good job. Godo job too and making sure your spraying Lysol all the time, cleaning up good making sure germs are gone. Thats so important. I try my hardest here. I amdi ti nee dot do alittl ebetter. So with reading this i will now. D brings all kinds of sickies from school sometimes. Thank god though it hasnt been too bad this yr. I make sure she constantly washes her hands. Bummer too it was so cold you all had to stay put agian :( But at least you broke out the coloring books. The girls looked like they had a great time. Love the pics as always ;) Take care hun. Hope you all have a good night and thre girls get better. xo, Leslie

Jmoqueen said...

Nasty germs, not leaving you guys alone!! I hope you get a peaceful night tonight xx

Libby said...

how did i not know about this site? it's amazing! i love it. i'm addicted to hearing about your kids.

Amie said...

Your girls as so stinkin' cute! You're hilarious! I love reading your blogs.
I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
OH, how do you get your siggy at the bottom. Any blog advice ya got, I'd love to hear.

JC said...

Summer loves to line her blocks up like your Summer was doing. :)

Missie said...

Always keep that cape close by. LOL

Hope everyone is feeling better today.

Terri said...

Awww I sure hope they feel better soon!


Susie said...

I hope that Summer is feeling better. It is nothing worst than having a child that is sick and you can't do anything for them. I feel for you also because I know how it cane wear you out taking care them.
Susie from Ellie's Life

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the visuals. I hope they're both better by now! I'm so not looking fwd to those real puke days. We've yet to have one. Lucky us I guess.

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