January 24, 2009

Bows, Basketball, and Birthdays

Yesterday I got my Lil' Booger Bows in the mail! Summer wore one yesterday, she looked so adorable. I took a few pictures but her eye was bothering her, so it's squinted in every single one. That's the biggest problem we're having with her eye at the moment. Because of the way the tear was, and the way it was stitched, her pupil is bigger than normal and let's a lot of light in, so sunlight and bright lights bother her quite a bit.

I guess now would be a good time for an eye update, since I don't think I told you guys what the doctor said at her last appointment. (If you're new around here and don't know what happened, you can read about it HERE.) On Monday, I'll be scheduling a time for her to have her stitches removed. That will probably be in 4 weeks or so. At that time, they're also going to do an in-depth exam to make sure everything is healed and there is no further trauma that they missed. After that, more eye drops. UGH. You all know how that went before. Not looking forward to it at all. Then, a few months later, once it is healed completely, we will get her glasses to wear and also begin putting a patch over her good eye for an hour or so a day, to strengthen the injured eye. We'll have to do that for quite awhile, but in the end it will be worth it because her "bad" eye will end up with decent vision.

Yesterday evening, we went to my brother's basketball game. It was a great game. They played so well, but ended up losing by 2 points I believe. My brother found out after the game that he was chosen by his coach for the All-Tournament Team, which is an honorary team that consists of the best player from each team during this particular tournament. I am so proud of him!

Yesterday was my brother's best friend/mom's best friend's son Jordan's 18th birthday. He's on the basketball team too, so after the game we all went to their house for dinner and cake and ice cream. We had a really nice time and didn't end up leaving until almost midnight. Summer and Camryn had a lot of fun entertaining everyone so they didn't seem to get sleepy until it was time to leave.

Anyway, about those bows... this morning they were all over the counter and I didn't know where to put them, so I decided to make a hair bow holder. I got out some ribbon, a wooden dowel, and a glue gun, and made this:

It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself :-)

Xavier is here and currently "playing" with Summer and Camryn.

Joe is asleep on the bed, he and Wes played Gears of War 2 all night. I'm drinking coffee and watching HGTV. I don't know what we're doing the rest of the day. I need to go to the store and get a few things for the diaper cake I'm working on, so my goal for the day is to get that finished. Have a great Saturday!


Bridgett said...

You are so damn creative! The bow rack looks great!

Still so much work to be done on her poor eye...and all because of one kitty claw. It's a shame. :(

I do hope there's no further trauma involved.

Have a good weekend!

EmilytheCreative said...

Loving the bow rack! So cute!

I hope Summer's eye continues to get better. Poor baby has really been through it with her eye.

vintagehousewife said...

Your bow holder turned out great! Just reading that you are drinking coffee makes me want to get up and make my own and have some peace before the children get dowstairs! It was LONG night last night!

JC said...

I had totally missed the eye story. Crazy!!! Hope everything turns out okay.

Love the bow holder! You are so talented.

Tiffany said...

I'm glad Summer's eye seems to be healing so well! I hope it continues! The bow holder is adorable! You're just a regular ball of creativity. :) Maybe one day I'll have time to get creative again. ;)

Kelly Dawn said...

Man I so miss the bow days...damn hard to get a bow to stay in the 17 yr olds hair...especially when she is running and screaming from you as you try to attach it on the side of her head...lol


Sara said...

Very cute bow holder and wow, those bows are way too cute!! I might just have to head on over soon and get some myself!!! =]

Brittany said...

You have to be the most creative mommy i've ever met!

Leslie said...

Girlie you are so crweative for real. What a great idea. I should make that for all of D's hair things. Its unreal i dont have them organized really at all, tis sad, lol. Im so glad you had a good weekend so far. Thats awesome about your brother what good news. I bet you are proud of him ;) Oh
and hun poor Summer. She has been thru so much with her eye. I feel for her. But once all that is finally done it will be worth it. its just so awful for her to deal with so young. But i know you all are doing all you can for her :) You great parents. Oh and ty for the comment btw about my audio blog. Your so sweet. Girl i doubt you have a guy voice come on now, lol. I love to hear your voice, lol. Well take care. ttys xo, Leslie

Tricia said...

Your bow holder is adorable, you did a wonderful job. Who knows, you may end up selling those. ;)
I had to go read up on Summer's eye. Poor girl, my eye throbbed. I'm glad we can't have cats.

I'm baking the chicken you left on the other entry, what sides are good with it?


Anonymous said...

Very Nice bow hanger. Hope your weekend is going well.

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