November 7, 2008

Una actualización y picures de víspera de Todos los Santos

It's finally cooling off around here. It's been in the high 70's the past week or so, and while I enjoyed the nice days, I am ready to wear sweaters. It seems like this time last year it was a lot colder out.

Summer had her doctor appointment on Wednesday so they could make sure her eye looks okay. When they took the patch off, I was expecting it to look weird, or to be able to see the sutures they put in, but it looks like it did before her surgery. They had to do an exam that required drops in her eyes and special lights, so two nurses, and two doctors held her down while she screamed. I can't take much more of that. Whenever they have to do that I get the biggest urge to just grab her and run out of the office. I really almost have a few times, but then I remind myself that it's in her best interest. My dad pointed out yesterday that it's hard now, but at least she's young enough to forget about all of this.

The doctor instructed us that to prevent infection, we need to give her twice as many drops as they originally told us. There's three kinds of drops. One needs to be given 6 times a day (every 2 hours!), one 4 times a day, and the other twice a day. Summer is scared to death of them and struggles quite a bit each time. Can't say I blame her. We have tried everything to help her to calm down. Candy, toys, etc. Nothing helps. She struggles so much that it is impossible for only one person to do it. When Joe is at work, my mom has had to come help me. She came this morning and my aunt Susan is going to come help at noon. It is opening weekend for deer hunting and Joe has had plans to go out to our friends' land this whole weekend for awhile. Due to this drops situation he's only going overnight tonight through tomorrow evening. Keep your fingers crossed that he gets one!

My friend Nakia is about 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. I'm really excited, because Summer and Camryn don't have any little friends yet. I am the only person out of all of my friends to have kids so far. I guess it's good, that everyone is being responsible and getting their college out of the way first! Nakia came over last night and I gave her all of the baby clothes that are too small for Camryn. I'm really glad that I was able to give them to someone I know that needs them, but it was kind of hard to see them go. I think I have an emotional attachment to their baby clothes, maybe since Summer and Camryn both wore them when they were itty-bitty. Nakia is in college to get her degree in social work and psychology. She's also going to be getting her Masters in social work as well. She said that if you promise to get a job with the state, the state will pay for you to get your Masters. Hmmmm something to think about... I've strongly considered getting into social work. I've heard the money isn't great but I'm sure the job would be very rewarding.

Here's a picture I stole off of my cousin's Facebook, of us on the night after Halloween:

It's not the best quality. I still don't have the good pictures off of my mom's camera, I'll try to get them later today. Here's one of Summer, he didn't have one of Camryn on there.

Last but not least, my cousin Libby as Sarah Palin, and my uncle David as John McCain:


Brittany said...

LOVED the pictures!

Awww I feel you on Summer! I can't imagine having to listen to her fight the doctors while they help her! I'm glad she is doing alright though!

Brittany said...

On your comment about Hinder's songs being depressing...

I have to disagree. There are a lot of songs that have to do with partying and happiness and life. I think you are thinking of just a few of their songs like "Better Than Me" that are about broken relationships.

The thing is however, Broken relationships is a very common thing that people relate too, even though it's a sad topic.
However, not all of their songs deal with that, quite a few are upbeat and happy.


Bridgett said...

All those drops! Blah! I'd be going nuts. I give Parker lots of supplements but eye drops are so not my thing.

I think I've told you before I have very sensitive eyes.

Poor little thing.

Well, at least things seem to be going well so far at least.

Love the pictures! Summer looked so cute. It was hard to tell what Camryn's costume looked like. LOL

Keeping my fingers crossed for a deer! :)

Leslie said...

Hi there Stephanie :) I noticed you are a follower to my blog! Im
so glad you are :) Im Leslie btw, lol. Nice to meet you. I will have to read your entries as most as I can, lol to catch up and get to know you better. But i enjoyed this entry alot. I can see already your a sweet, loving mommy & wife. I enjoy reading blogs like yours ;) You have a beautiful family & beautiful little girls. I have one for now. I love to have another little girl though someday. Or a boy would be great too, lol. It looks like you all had a great Halloween, great pics. Im glad that Summer is going to be ok. Poor baby i will have to look back and see what happened to her. I would feel the same emotions as you being in that doctors office and seeing my little one crying and pain. Thats soo tough. I can imagine. All the drops you have to give her too thats got to be tough. Hang in there hun. I am sure it will be ok soon :)
Again nice to meet yah. Ty agian for following me ;)
*hugs, Leslie

Angel said...

I read what happened with the cat scratching Summer's eye.
My heart goes out to Summer for all she has had to go through since that night....and with having to have all those drops in her eyes!!
We have 2 kittens and one of them got my 4 year old son the other day. No where as bad as what happened to Summer. Turns out one of the kitten's claws ended up busting one of his little veins. There was so much blood. His whole finger is still bruised.
You have such adorable, beautiful little girls.
And how lucky they are that they will be able to grow up together, so close in age.
I am new to your blog, but it is already one of my favorites.
Big Hugs,

Bernadette said...

The girls look SO cute! LOVE that little pirate girl costume :)

I feel so bad for you! ..and Summer. It's got to be so hard to do the drops..and so many times a day. I swear you have the patience of a saint.

I kept a few of Pey's baby clothes, like her first Christmas dress..the outfit she came home in. It was hard to let go. LOL, I have a few of Eli's things too.

I wanted to go into social work but everyone convinced me not to because of the money...well years later I realize that I'd rather make less and do more for people.

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