November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day

Summer had an appointment with the Ophthalmologist this morning at 8:30. We got up bright and early at 7:00, got ready, and my mom came over to go with me. We got there right on time and were seen pretty quickly. The nurse looked her over, and then the resident doctor that had seen her at the hospital came in. He did a quick exam, and then told us that it looks like the abrasion was healing. I felt relieved as he got up and told us the doctor would be in to look at her in a minute. The doctor came in and shined a light in her eyes. The he pulled the exam machine over and convinced her to put her chin on the chin rest so he could see what was going on close up. She cooperated, amazingly, after the promise of a sucker, and after he was done, he said, "Well, the injury is worse than we thought." OMG. So apparently, the resident doesn't know what he's doing and didn't notice that SHE HAS A HOLE IN HER CORNEA. At the moment, her iris is stopping up the hole and preventing the leakage of fluids and entry of infection-causing bacteria. That could change at any moment, which means she needs surgery to repair the hole right away.

She had eaten a banana probably 5 minutes before he asked me if she had eaten anything. Because she had eaten, we have to wait 6 hours. They were able to schedule her for surgery at 4pm, and we have to be there at 2:30. The doctor that we saw is who will be performing the surgery. The good thing is that he is the head of Opthomology at the hospital and has been doing this for 12 years. He knows what he's doing, so I'm confident that she will be getting the best care possible.

We couldn't really get a straight answer as far as whether her vision quality in that eye is at risk. I guess that can't be answered until after the surgery.

We left the office, and I voted on the way home (yay!). I had called Joe and explained what was going on, and he was already home when we got here. We put Summer down for a nap (although she still hasn't fallen asleep) and ate some lunch. My mom just now left with Camryn. She's going to take care of her for us until we get back home later. The surgery is outpatient, so hopefully everything goes smoothly and we won't be at the hospital too long.

When I had gotten home, I found Joe in here calling vets, asking their prices for declawing. We're going to be doing that asap, and in the meantime, Jack is stuck in the laudry room. We can't take another chance. I hate the idea of declawing, it's just like cutting off the ends of your fingers. But at this point, it's neccessary.

Thank you all for your kind words. I wish this entry could have been about her healing perfectly, but instead I'm going to have to ask that you keep Summer in your thoughts. Keep your fingers crossed, pray, meditate, whatever it is that you do to connect you to a higher power. I'll update as soon as I can.


Brittany said...


Are you serious?!!
how could a doctor miss that?

THANK GOD she saw a doctor that knows what to look for and knows what he's talking about...GOOD GOD!!!

My thoughts will be with you guys at 4PM!!!

(((((((MAJOR HUGS))))))

Leene said...

I have prayers going and will anxiouslay await your post on how surgery went. I'm glad its outpatient and as I said will pray that all goes smoothly. Yea to you for voting - I'm so anxious today waiting for the results to come in. Please post when you can. Leene

EmilytheCreative said...

How horrible! I hope all goes smoothly!

Bridgett said...

Oh sweety. :(

I'm so sorry for Summer and for all of you. But from my limited eye surgery experience in the OR, it should be a relatively minor procedure.

Please, if you get a chance, update us tonight.

You guys are in my thoughts.

Big hugs!!!

Tiffany said...

That's horrible that you thought everything was fine and now this. :( Poor Summer!!! Gosh I hope all went well with her surgery. On to read the next post...

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